Saturday, November 22, 2008

Day 3

I didn't start eating anything until 5 pm and then I ate a lot of high point junky foods... blah. Not a great Self-Esteem day. I tried on a sweater at Walmart that I thought by the size might be a bit too big, and it was a bit too tight. I need something to wear to Robs Xmas Party but I'm not in a good body mood lately. Funny cause I loved my poochy belly right after Deirdre was born. Loved it.

Chana Masala - 9pts
1 Garlic Naan - 6pts
Lg Mandarin - 1pt
Amy's Roasted Veg Pizza - 18pts
2 Taquitos - 7pts
Thinsations Ritz - 2pts
4 tbsp Hummus - 2pts
45 pts (32 Flex Remaining)


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